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Our people are committed to extracting every bit of value from the retail real estate we manage. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of retailers, investors, visitors and local markets, VIC. protects and enhances asset value at every phase of the holding period. Together we unleash your full potential.

We offer a full spectrum of services, including location intelligence, leasing, shopping centre operations, marketing, redevelopment & refurbishments.

To created value the owner and user of the property needs to be open minded for the fast moving world and react accordingly. Through the full service of VIC we are able to help and adapt to every situation.

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We live in a world where consumer behavior changes rapidly. Where we seek growth. Where consumers want to meet (new) brands, shops and shopping centres. Where all users (with different backgrounds) of real estate are changing.

Due to the online possibilities including social media our vision is clear. We exist to help and guide brands in connecting with these consumers. We offer full service marketing. From effective strategic advise, well thought out concepts and high-end creativity & design.

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We are specialized in Islamic Branding, Marketing and Advertising,
serving the largest worldwide growth opportunity. We guide brands
in crossing borders and cultures without changing their identity when
approaching the Muslim market. We help make brands accessible
across the globe, appreciated and accepted by the Islamic consumer.

With our in-depth knowledge and experience we have contributed in
numerous projects in helping malls, retail and brands in addressing
the Muslim target group.

Pure Safy Branding, Europe’s first independent Islamic branding agency, has been integrated into VIC.

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